Annie Leibovitz (Collector's Edition)

Annie Leibovitz

Hardcover with fold-outs, supplement book, and book stand, 19.7 x 27.2 in., 476 pages
$ 2,500

A limited edition of 9,000 signed and numbered copies, the Annie Leibovitz SUMO presents some of the most famed actors, musicians, artists, writers, athletes, and businesspeople of our time. Available in four different cover photos, this at once intimate and iconic portrait collection is presented with a Marc Newson designed book stand and a supplementary essay compendium.

Annie Leibovitz, Art Edition (Collector's Edition)
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Annie Leibovitz, Art Edition

Archival pigment print, book stand, hardcover book (50 x 69 cm) with fold-outs, supplement book, 476 pages
$ 5,000
Limited edition of 1,000 copies (No. 1–1,000), with a pigment print, signed by Annie Leibovitz. The Art Edition is presented with the full set of all four dust jackets and a custom-made tripod stand designed by Marc Newson
National Geographic. Around the World in 125 Years (XL-Format)

National Geographic. Around the World in 125 Years

Hardcover, 3 vols. in slipcase, 11.0 x 15.4 in., 1404 pages
$ 499
Exploring the globe since 1888: a journey through time with the world’s favorite magazine. Each slipcase turns into a bookstand. Limited edition of 125,000 copies worldwide
TASCHEN 365. Day-by-Day. Surfing

TASCHEN 365. Day-by-Day. Surfing

Hardcover, 6.7 x 8.5 in., 736 pages
$ 29.99
Surf’s up! Wake up on the cusp of a wave
Kate Moss by Mario Testino (TASCHEN 25 Edition)

Kate Moss by Mario Testino

Softcover with flaps, 9.8 x 13.6 in., 232 pages
New edition, only $ 39.99
Original edition $ 700
Fashion’s dynamic duo: Mario Testino’s tribute to his greatest muse. New edition with full original content in a smaller size

“Mario took me to a new level of glamour. I don’t think anybody had seen me as any kind of sexy model before he did. He was the one that transformed me.”
—Kate Moss
20th Century Classic Cars. 100 Years of Automotive Ads (Klotz)

20th Century Classic Cars. 100 Years of Automotive Ads

Hardcover, 5.9 x 7.7 in., 592 pages
$ 19.99
From the Model T and DB5 to the VW Beetle and the Hummer

“A brisk spin down a Madison Avenue memory lane, automotive division… A worthwhile addition to the library of anyone interested in autos, ads, or auto ads.”
The New York Times, New York
100 Getaways around the World (Jumbo, TASCHEN 25 Edition)

100 Getaways around the World

Hardcover, 2 vols. in slipcase, 9.4 x 12.4 in., 720 pages
$ 59.99
A collection of 100 heavenly hideaways

“Leafing through this book on a grey afternoon, midweek is enough to make you cry with longing for that fantasy terrace and the handsome wine waiter.”
Sunday Telegraph Travel Magazine, London on Great Escapes Mediterranean
D&AD 2013

D&AD 2013

Hardcover, 9.5 x 10.2 in., 592 pages
$ 69.99
Latest and greatest: the prestigious annual for creative professionals
100 Illustrators (Jumbo, TASCHEN 25 Edition)

100 Illustrators

Hardcover, 2 vols. in slipcase, 9.4 x 12.4 in., 640 pages
$ 59.99
Picture this: the biggest players in the highly competitive field of illustration

“Illustration nerds, it's time to get your geek on… 100 of the most significant illustrators working in the field today.”
Huffington Post, New York
The Book of Miracles

The Book of Miracles

Hardcover with booklet in clamshell box, 12.6 x 8.5 in., 560 pages
$ 150

Newly uncovered illuminations from the Renaissance depicting fantastic and miraculous phenomena

Big Bang at the Chateau

Big Bang at the Chateau

Los Angeles, CA — On the evening of February 26th, Vanity Fair, Leon Max, and TASCHEN hosted a star-studded launch party at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont to celebrate the release of Annie Leibovitz’s limited-edition SUMO sized book. The highly-anticipated book and moving tribute to Annie’s prodigious career, was unveiled at the event for the first time and presented to guests on its custom-made tripod stand designed by Marc Newson.
TASCHEN on demand

TASCHEN on demand

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My Favorite TASCHEN Book Is...
Beatriz Milhazes

GOAT est mon livre préféré. Je pense qu’il s’agit du livre de design le plus extravagant et démesuré. C’est un ‘livre physique’ qui honore le génie d’un boxeur, Muhammad Ali.”
Illustration by Robert Nippoldt
Hieronymus Bosch. The Complete Works

Hieronymus Bosch. The Complete Works

Leaf through Hieronymus Bosch. The Complete Works
Sebastião Salgado. GENESIS

Sebastião Salgado. GENESIS

Two men, one mission: Salgado talks with Benedikt Taschen about the project that changed his life