Fuzzy bunnies, big-eyed girls, meat, magic, and mystery

Mark Ryden’s carnival of curiosities

  • Limited to 50 numbered copies, signed by Mark Ryden
  • Comes with a numbered, signed silkscreen print created by Mark Ryden for this edition
  • Full leather cover
  • Front cover features gold-relief embossing crafted by the master printers at Pressure Printing
  • Packaged in a cloth-covered clamshell box

Art Edition – No. 1–50
Eye of Eternity

Limited-edition serigraph print, 48 x 35.5 cm (19 x 14 in.)
(Frame not included)

Limited to 50 copies, this eight-color fine serigraph is a perfect reproduction of an original Mark Ryden painting made especially for TASCHEN. The print was meticulously crafted by the fine print-makers at Pressure Printing. It is printed on finely handmade paper from Bhutan, and carefully dyed and aged; the work is embossed with a beautifully hand-sculpted bee and printer’s chop. The edition is numbered, signed by Mark Ryden and available only with the first 50 copies of the book Pinxit, published by TASCHEN. Includes certificate of authenticity signed by Mark Ryden.

su mark ryden certificate
The artist:
Mark Ryden received a BFA in 1987 from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. His paintings have been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide, including a retrospective Wondertoonel at the Frye Museum of Art in Seattle and Pasadena Museum of California Art, and in the exhibition The Artist’s Museum at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.
Mark Ryden. Pinxit, Art Edition (Collector's Edition)
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Mark Ryden. Pinxit, Art Edition

Silkscreen print, 14 x 19 in., hardcover volume, leather-bound, with embossing, in cloth-covered clamshell box, 14.8 x 19.7 in., 366 pages
$ 8,000
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“The godfather of Pop Surrealism.”
— Interview, New York, United States
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Mark Ryden. Pinxit (Collector's Edition)
Mark Ryden. Pinxit
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