The artist activist

The first comprehensive monograph on Ai Weiwei’s life and work

Art Edition (No. 1-100)
  • Limited and numbered edition of 100 copies, each signed by the artist
  • Each presented with a specially designed sculpture by the artist, a marble book stand (18,2 x 76,3 x 52,2 cm / 7,1 x 30 x 20,5 in., 105 kg)
  • The marble originates from Fangshan District, located at the southwest region of Beijing. In the past, these were imperial quarries that provided marble for Ming and Qing emperors, and were used in temples and palaces
  • The volume is wrapped in a silk scarf (110 x 100 cm / 43,3 x 40 in., Habotai silk), which reproduces a detail of Ai Weiwei's work Straight, a reference to the Sichuan earthquake of 2008
  • Full page cut out chapter openers designed by the artist
  • Many previously unseen images, from photos taken during Ai’s time in New York to production shots of large installations in the workshop and pictures from his studio
  • Essays from Uli Sigg, Ai's long-time friend and former Swiss ambassador to China; Roger M. Buergel, who curated the 2007 Documenta and hosted the artist’s Fairytale piece; and experts on Chinese culture and politics, Carlos Rojas, William A. Callahan, and James J. Lally
  • Numerous statements derived from exclusive interviews with Ai Weiwei, conducted especially for this publication
Ai Weiwei, Art Edition (Collector's Edition)
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Ai Weiwei, Art Edition

Marble sculpture (Chinese marble from the Fangshan District), 7.1 x 30 x 20.5 in., hardcover volume wrapped in a silk scarf (Habotai silk, handrolled edges, 43.3 x 40 in.)
$ 12,500
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Ai Weiwei (Collector's Edition)
Ai Weiwei
Hardcover, clothbound, wrapped in a silk scarf, 13.0 x 17.3 in., 724 pages
$ 1,500
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On the table. Ai Weiwei
November 05, 2014 - February 01, 2015
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