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Marc Newson. Quobus

Modular display units

© Photo: Alexandra de Cossette
© Photo: Alexandra de Cossette
Quobus is a modular display unit of enamelled steel cubes, forming eponymous Galerie kreo exhibitions in Paris and London. Following Marc’s work on the display and shelving systems for TASCHEN’s Milan Store in 2015, he sought to explore the concepts learnt further. The resulting Quobus units are either monochromatic, bi-coloured or multicoloured, made of a combination of three different sized cubes. Each cube is enamelled in one of five colours (off white, charcoal, pastel green, pastel violet and pastel blue) and pinned together with brass screws to form a larger unit, which are sold in a variety of configurations and sizes.

The modular display unit offers a storage solution for books, and creates distinct environments for display objects within each cube. Made from steel and enamelled in Belgium, each cube is extremely robust. Marc aimed to counteract sagging, ineffective bookshelves at the same time as creating something sculptural: “the overriding inspiration and need was to create an object to tick all these boxes: it is hard to find things that hold books and objects that also have an identity and look good.”

Each unit configuration is an edition of 8, + 2 APs and 2 prototypes, and is accompanied by a series of Special Commissions.

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