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Happy 100th, James Lovelock!

One of the greatest thinkers of our time turns 100

James Lovelock and Marlene Taschen
James Lovelock and Marlene Taschen
Happy 100th birthday to scientific visionary, inventor, pioneering environmentalist, and long-time TASCHEN friend James Lovelock!

“Many think our most important task is to try to save the planet, but surely this is hubris. We are a powerful species, but we are, and always will be, part of a much more powerful planetary system. Rather than try to save Gaia, perhaps the most important thing we have to do is to save ourselves and, above all, our ability to think, to understand, to value wisdom, and to process information.”
– James Lovelock

Discover Lovelock’s “toolkit for the future”, The Earth and I, in which the inventor of the Gaia theory brings together an illustrated collection of essays from 12 of today’s leading thinkers delivering a holistic understanding of our planet.