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Derrière le Rideau de Fer - La collection est-allemande du Wende Museum

Derrière le Rideau de Fer

La collection est-allemande du Wende Museum

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Beyond the Wall. Art and artifacts from the GDR

US$ 150
Édition multilingue:
Allemand, Anglais
Disponibilité: En stock
  • “The best-kept collection of Cold War memorabilia.”

    — Vice
  • “A comprehensive pictorial history.”

    — The New York Times
  • “…quite possibly the greatest such collection in the world.”

    — The Atlantic
  • “…an extremely detailed story on the daily life in the DDR, probably a more coherent one than its inhabitants could ever tell. It is a fascinating and rich (with its weight of 5kg) source of the visual culture of that era, which is definitely making its comeback today…Inspirational goldmine for artists, designers (and hipsters), it will look majestic on your coffee table and it will certainly keep you amused for a long time. A real must-have.”

    — Happy Famous Artists, London
  • “This magnificently produced volume offers a substantive contribution to (Cold War) debates and is an invaluable aid to a deeper understanding of a crucial chapter in Germany’s turbulent history.”

    — The New York Times Sunday Book Review, New York

Oren Peli

«Beyond the Wall offre un incroyable aperçu historique d’un pays et d’une culture qui ont disparu. C’est le seul livre sur notre table basse, et il finit toujours par être ouvert par nos invités qui sont immédiatement intrigués. Tout le monde trouve quelque chose de fascinant dans ce livre, qu’on soit mordu d’Histoire ou non.»
Oren Peli
Illustration: Robert Nippoldt