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L’art tout feu tout flamme - Pyrotechnie et liberté d’expression au cœur du désert aride de Black Rock

L’art tout feu tout flamme

Pyrotechnie et liberté d’expression au cœur du désert aride de Black Rock

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NK Guy. Art of Burning Man

US$ 60
  • “The TASCHEN book is every vicarious festival goer’s dream come true. Featuring further photographs and writing by NK Guy, the book offers one glimpse into the whimsical and (until now) ephemeral world of Burning Man.”

    — Glass Magazine
  • “…what comes across so strongly in this book is not just the works themselves but the people who make them, and the culture in which they are imagined, incubated and realised.”

    — Intelligent Life
  • “…stunning photo book… a great alternative if you haven’t been able to attend the festival yourself.”

    — Hypebeast
  • “…rather than merely experiencing and browsing the photographs it is like taking a personal tour of an art gallery, each image is a work of perfection, stunningly reproduced. With informative text supporting the images giving the full history and detail of the sixteen-year old festival, it’s an enthralling and beautiful read…Simply luscious.”

    — Starburst Magazine
  • “…a thunderously good read/eye-blower and we strongly recommend you go out and buy a copy…”

    — Festival Baby
  • “NK Guy's Art of Burning Man is a true gift to Humanity. For it is a visual chronicle that details beauty, inspiration, creativity, unfettered living and freedom in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada at 'The Burning Man Project'. NK Guy's fine art photography has captured many magical moments of the Burning Man project over sixteen years. The Art of Burning Man has the potential to open hearts and minds. The strong imagery and the stories of events, people and artists are all about spontaneity and beauty, self-expression and open hearts. Next best to being there at Nevada, undoubtedly, would be the experience of NK Guy. Art of Burning Man from TASCHEN. Yours for £34.99. A small price to pay for great beauty.”

    — One Eyeland
  • “…A celebration of Burning Man, but also an explanation for those unacquainted, the book explains the origin of the temple-like artworks that crop up on the playa each year.”

    — The Huffington Post
  • “If you can’t physically make it to the notoriously wild Burning Man festival, living vicariously through this volume is the next best option…NK Guy provides a vibrant visual feast of the Black Rock Desert, Nevada-based event…”

    — Interviewmagazine.com

Bjarke Ingels

«Burning Man est une sorte de mirage créé par l’homme, qui transforme les rêves irréels en réalité concrète. Ce livre offre un aperçu de cette civilisation artistique et architecturale éphémère, un éclair de fiction devenu fait réel.»
Bjarke Ingels
Illustration: Robert Nippoldt