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Chefs à domicile - Le jardin secret des chefs européens les plus créatifs

Chefs à domicile

Le jardin secret des chefs européens les plus créatifs

Main SR only Anker

Inside Chefs' Fridges.

US$ 50
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  • “…an inspiring and accessible collection of culinary secrets and recipes that bring the chefs down-to-earth to a domestic reality.”

    — Interviewmagazine.com, New York
  • «…franchement bien, passionnant et distrayant.»

    — SimonSays.fr
  • “Forget about snooping in medicine cabinets or on open laptops: if you want to get to know someone, look inside their fridge – a chilly window on where and how we live and who we are.”

    — Tatler, Hong Kong
  • «…ce livre de voyage au pays du froid et des victuailles est aussi une mine d’idées de repas inspirées par le gratin de la cuisine européenne. Et nul besoin d’être un virtuose pour mettre en musique ces recettes alléchantes: ces plats font montre de la plus grande des vertus, la simplicité.»

    — parismatch.fr
  • “A revealing look at the chef’s personalities, lives and tastes, as reflected in staples they stock in their fridges, from exotic condiments they brought home from their travels to their kids’ favorite foods.”

    — Photo District News, New York
  • “Adrian Moore and Carrie Solomon tapped some 40 chefs for the project. And the contents of their fridges reveal strange local ingredients, culinary experiments, guilty lowbrow pleasures and a few clues about some highly treasured recipes… The duo spent over a year traversing Europe to meet with their subjects, who boast 60 Michelin stars between them, and photograph the spaces. With rich images and clever commentary, the result is both eye opening and entertaining, geared toward a broad audience.”

    — T: The New York Times Style Magazine, New York
  • “…a pleasantly voyeuristic cookbook… in addition to throwing open their fridges, each chef has provided two recipes detailing how the contents are prepared. It’s just like being invited round to their houses for tea.”

    — We-Heart.com