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Vue d’ensemble - La boîte à outils du futur de James Lovelock

Vue d’ensemble

La boîte à outils du futur de James Lovelock

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James Lovelock et al. La Terre et Moi

US$ 35
Édition: Anglais
Disponibilité: En stock
  • «Des croquis tout à fait explicites et originaux. Un ouvrage essentiel pour que chacun se forge sa propre idée et s’engage, à son niveau, à la sauvegarde de la Terre!»

    — afondlascience.fr
  • «Un livre très clair au service d’un projet très ambitieux… tout le monde peut y trouver son compte.»

    — Le Matin Dimanche, Lausanne
  • “This book reminds me of a children’s book I had my mother read over and over to me when I was four years old, You Will Go to the Moon, by Mae and Ira Freeman. That book inspired me like non other and I have been working at the Kennedy Space Center for the past 27 years. The Earth and I, is an inspirational book similar to the one mentioned above. Genius contributors, well illustrated, crucially important message and I believe it to be an instant Classic to be cherished for generations to come. A very timely book indeed from one of the finest minds still gracing this planet, James Lovelock. Father of the Gaia hypothesis.”

    — Customer review, Amazon
  • “…a beautifully illustrated book of essays…”

    — The Guardian, London
  • “…a beautiful, handy explainer on the evolution of the planet.”

    — Wired.com
  • “Across 12 chapters, you’ll take in the intricate details and immense structures of our species and our planet, from our minuscule but mighty cells to our ever-expanding universe.”

    — ES Magazine, London