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Les comics prennent de la bouteille - Les superhéros s’humanisent

Les comics prennent de la bouteille

Les superhéros s’humanisent

Main SR only Anker

The Bronze Age of DC Comics

US$ 60
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  • «Un ouvrage encyclopédique d’une incroyable richesse, un magnifique grimoire presque magique, de 400 pages, pour tout collectionneur et curieux de l’univers comics.»

    — Science Fiction, Paris
  • “This is an incredibly well researched volume which includes the type of high resolution images that will have DC fans salivating… It’s a wonderful look at the classic characters and forgotten books that have helped shape the minds of generations of readers.”

    — moviesinfocus.com
  • “…a truly definitive tome on this period…The first thing to strike you is the lavish feel and quality, which together with the exquisite binding present something that oozes quality from cover to bronze foiled cover… All beautifully restored and printed for future generations to easily experience…It’s a bronze foiled time machine. Buy it. Be happy.”

    — Starburstmagazine.com
  • “This is an incredible book for anyone who lived through the Bronze Age and saw DC heroes reach maturity, and a must for those who are too young.”

    — Cleveland.com
  • “…an absolute joy to look at with extremely high quality paper stock and high res images to ogle at for hours on end and at a very reasonable price.”

    — OrbitalComics.com Staff Picks
  • «Le plus beau cadeau que vous puissiez faire à un fan de comics…»

    — The Hollywood Reporter