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Desenterrando las mejores ofrendas tiki -

Desenterrando las mejores ofrendas tiki

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Tiki Modern

US$ 39,99
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  • The new bible - and I've got it - I am so delighted and happy !!! Today is my lucky day I guess - maybe luck comes to true aficionados sometimes...

    I fell in love with the first bible ("The book of Tiki") in 2001 - I will never forget this hot summer day and the happiness and joy to see this perfect book - the true urban archeologist found all those treasures and put all this work together to create this perfectly designed book....created a wave of enthusiasm, aficionados all over the world - a reinvention and brought back to life what nearly seemed forgotten....

    Been waiting for the second edition ever since... been ringing the shop if it's already there... and today... suddenly and unexpected... - there it was... on a summer's day in 2007. A new chapter begins - a new love and treasured book for all of us - more creativity, polynesian pop dreams and architecture, illustration, people and fantasies and realities on our minds....thank you so much Sven A. Kirsten for your dedication, love and work.

    — Unknown on tikiroom.com