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Desnúdese para la historia, por favor - Retrospectiva completa del calendario Pirelli

Desnúdese para la historia, por favor

Retrospectiva completa del calendario Pirelli

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El calendario Pirelli. 50 años y mucho más

US$ 70
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  • “…The book provides an incredible view of the mutability of the fashion landscape, and a powerful documentation of changing attitudes towards the female form. The collection serves as a point of reference for how society has weathered the continually oscillating landscape of the human form, sexuality and desire, and showcases the work the calendar has done to challenge convention and traverse boundaries.”

    — The Gentleman’s Journal, London
  • «A partir de un modesto calendario de taller crearon como por arte de magia un objeto de deseo para la jet set —explicó Benedikt Taschen, de la editorial homónima, que actualmente prepara con Pirelli un libro sobre la historia de los calendarios—. Es el encargo más codiciado entre los fotógrafos de la actualidad.»

    — The New York Times, Nueva York
  • “… fun, stylish, occasionally verging on the scandalous but never overstepping into vulgarity.”

    — Glass, London/Hong Kong
  • “Now, at last, you too can own a Pirelli calendar, or at least a lavish, weighty collection of all of them [in] Pirelli - The Calendar. 50 Years and More. To look at the calendars is to witness not only the obvious and the alluded-to, but also a fascinating view of the swiftly changing, wildly imagined landscape of fashion photography, and fashion itself (and yes, there are clothes—just not, you know, lots of them). This is after all, a calendar in every sense: both anticipating the future, and chronicling the passage of time.”

    — Vogue.com, New York
  • “…nobody looks at the Pirelli Calendar to check the date… If you're reading this, you've most likely never owned a Pirelli Calendar for yourself, this is your chance to get your hands on ALL of them, and in one concise retrospective with some extras too.”

    — i-D Magazine, London
  • “…Pirelli – The Calendar. 50 Years and More reunites every month of the calendars alongside behind-the-scenes images…car talk never felt so racy.”

    — Details, New York