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El deporte de los reyes - Más de 200 años de cultura surf

El deporte de los reyes

Más de 200 años de cultura surf

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Surfing. 1778-Today

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Edición: inglés
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  • Surfing will undoubtedly go down as the last word in the space.”

    — The Surfer’s Journal, Los Angeles
  • «La más exhaustiva historia visual del surf hasta la fecha, todo un homenaje a una filosofía de vida.»

    — Woman, Barcelona
  • “TASCHEN has turned the book as collectible sculptural object from avant-garde oddity into luxury commodity.”

    — The Art Newspaper
  • “It’s all here – the clothes, the boards, the music, the contests, the rivalries, the surfer dudes. But does the ability to hang onto a floating piece of polyurethane warrant such a paean? It does, and this tome has over 900 amazing images to prove it.”

    — Tatler, London
  • “This is the ultimate book about the history of surfing… There are so many aspects of the surf culture, it is unbelievable they are all touched here… Enjoy this wonderful creation of a surf-compendium.”

    — Trust, Bremen
  • Surfing is a magnificent book.”

    — Surfline.com
  • “Impecablemente editado por TASCHEN constituye la historia visual de este deporte más exhaustiva realizada hasta la fecha. Ilustra a la perfección la evolución de este deporte como estilo de vida y filosofía existencial.”

    — Robb Report, Madrid