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Una historia poderosa - La construcción de la fábrica de ideas

Una historia poderosa

La construcción de la fábrica de ideas

Main SR only Anker

75 Years of Marvel Comics. From the Golden Age to the Silver Screen

US$ 200
Edición en inglés, incluye cuadernillo con la traducción al francés, alemán o italiano
No disponible
  • “…what an amazing book this is! I consider this book the definitive chronicle of Marvel and a ‘must have’ addition to the collection of any hard-core Marvel fan…”

    — ComicsSpectrum.com, blog
  • “…a fun and undeniably cultured addition to any man’s coffee table.”

    — Sharp Magazine
  • “…An absolutely essential book for any comic book fan.”

    — Selectism.com, New York
  • «…el libro de la historia de Marvel que ha editado TASCHEN es grande, sexy y totémico…El inigualable olor a libro nuevo se mezcla con una obra que hipnotiza, como si ese increíble universo que intenta resumir en 700 páginas con cerca de 2.000 imágenes se abalanzase sobre ti de golpe.»

    — El Mundo.es, Madrid
  • “…book of super-heroic size, barely liftable if you’ve never been bitten by a radioactive spider…The blockbusters may not merit repeat viewing, this book certainly does.”

    — South China Morning Post, Hong Kong
  • «Um álbum essencial, sobretudo para os fãs de comics.»

    — Id, Lisbon
  • “Mucho más que viñetas y bocadillos. Retrospectiva completa de la producción de la casa de las ideas.”

    — GQ, Madrid
  • “A solid collector’s item for fans of this enduring company and the work they have produced… Old covers of Marvel issues now look more vibrant than they did when they were first printed.”

    — Filmwerk, London
  • “…far more detailed and informative than any other book on the comic legend.”

    — Popcultureshelf.com, Hamburg
  • “…there is stacks upon stacks of rare comic covers, interiors and the odd original art. Seen at this massive scale, it’s no exaggeration (sic) that your jaw drops… It took me nearly a month to read this book and was one of the best experiences I’ve had and relived a lot of old memories and learnt a lot more about the pre-60s. Just make sure no one uses this book as a doorstop.”

    — sfcrowsnest.org.uk