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Aventuras en pijama - La colección completa de Little Nemo

Aventuras en pijama

La colección completa de Little Nemo

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Winsor McCay. The Complete Little Nemo

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  • «…Un volumen profusamente ilustrado con documentos y fotografías de la época que explora el inmenso valor histórico de la narrativa onírica de McCay. Relato de aventuras, deleite visual y retazo de historia cultural a un tiempo, esta publicación constituye todo un monumento a uno de los pioneros más innovadores –y uno de los exploradores más intrépidos- de la historia del cómic. Para muchos, entre los que me incluyo, Little Nemo es la gran obra maestra del cómic, la prueba de que este medio puede hacer realidad cualquier sueño. Y ahora lo podemos disfrutar en la mejor edición de toda la historia.»

    — RTVE.es, Madrid
  • «…Una obra maestra que no puede faltar en la colección de cualquier amante de los cómics…la edición definitiva de esta obra.»

    — Lacasadelcomic.com, Valencia
  • “…absolutely gorgeous.”

    — The Casual Optimist, London
  • “…possibly the most opulent feature of any kind ever to grace American newspapers…now available in an immense and immensely captivating TASCHEN edition…”

    — The Daily Beast, New York
  • “Not just comic art fans but any student of popular culture or architecture will be delighted by this edition. Winsor McCay’s inventions of perspective, his psychedelic and fantastic renderings of breath-taking strange environments are presented here for the first time ever in the complete edition containing all (really all!) 549 episodes of Little Nemo. … I cannot think of another comic book publication that could touch this giant hardcover edition celebrating the almost forgotten genius of Winsor McCay. The Complete Little Nemo really made my heart jump and my bookshelf ache.”

    — Popcultureshelf.com, Hamburg
  • The Complete Little Nemo by Winsor McCay ferry the reader back to a sweet once-upon-a-time-ness…the book bears the texture of dream — nightmare, too — and tap into the reveries of childhood…TASCHEN has done connoisseurs of fantasy and fine cartooning a grand service by gathering all of the Sunday strips into an oversize book of more than 500 pages — complemented by a useful biography by Alexander Braun…”

    — New York Times, New York
  • “…this is the winter’s greatest art book. Reproducing all the surreal Little Nemo in Slumberland comic pages from early in the last century, this tome…shows again why Winsor McCay was one of this country’s most innovative and influential artists. The Little Nemo panels are quite literally the stuff that dreams are made of…”

    — The Washington Post, Washington D.C.