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Atracones de televisión - Las series más pioneras y triunfantes de la revolución televisiva

Atracones de televisión

Las series más pioneras y triunfantes de la revolución televisiva

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Las mejores series de TV. Las series favoritas de TASCHEN de los últimos 25 años

US$ 70
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  • “…Weighing something similar to a small coffee table, the book is hefty both literally and in content… making you want to revisit some of those timeless greats again.”

    — Sunday Morning Post, Hong Kong
  • “…informative and entertaining, like the box at its best.”

    — The Lady Magazine, London
  • “…a true testament to the power of television pop culture, no matter how short the run or painful the pilot…”

    — Out Smart, Texas
  • “If you're looking for a throwback, or a way to be filled in on what's worth watching, TASCHEN’s Favorite TV Shows is your perfect armchair companion. Packed with stills and commentary, it highlights the top shows of the last 25 years — a great accompaniment to your Saturday session on the telly. So kick back, pick a favourite (don't tell us you're not glued to Game of Thrones), and marathon away.”

    — Buro 247
  • “Yes, this is a book made for flipping through, though it is so large that casually meandering through without losing circulation in your thighs is a bit of a challenge. The layout and paper quality for this £44.99/$ 69.99 doorstop are both absolutely superb, but since it is made for leisurely viewing rather than cover-to-cover consumption, the biggest discussion to be had about TASCHEN’s Favorite TV Shows is about what did and did not make the cut… it gives small-screen fanatics something to argue about.”

    — The Guardian, London/New York
  • “Beautifully illustrated and boasting insightful, well-researched entries, it’s far more than a Buzzfeed list with heavy paper stock. This is a worthy paean to TV’s new golden age.”

    — Empire Magazine, London
  • “…Rich, textured, layered and compulsive reading…This is the ideal book to keep on your coffee table so that you can dip into it every-time you binge watch your favourite boxset. Breathtaking."

    — Movies in Focus, Nottingham
  • “…ideal for a quick flick through between ads/opening credits as well as a more in-depth look at the familiar and much loved characters as well as discovering some incredibly insightful and well researched behind-the-scenes facts about the authors, actors, sequels, spin offs and pretty much everything else you didn’t already know…”

    — Proper Magazine, Stockport