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El esplendor del bombín - Un recorrido por los archivos del genio de la comedia

El esplendor del bombín

Un recorrido por los archivos del genio de la comedia

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Los Archivos de Charlie Chaplin

US$ 200
Edición en inglés, incluye cuadernillo con la traducción al español, francés o alemán
Edición: inglés
Disponibilidad: En stock
  • “The most un-put-downable movie book of the season is also the most un-pick-uppable one… It’s an apt tribute to the filmmaker, whose artistry transcends the cinema and spans world-historical dimensions… a revelation of Chaplin’s creative process, even to the furious core of energy, passion, lust, and sheer will that fueled it…”

    — TheNewYorker.com
  • “…560 gorgeous pages crammed with quotes, archive imagery, classic film stills and snippets of Chaplinalia…All in all this a stunning book, and could easily be the centrepiece of any Chaplin fan’s collection of memorabilia…”

    — SilentLondon.co.uk
  • “…Boasting a staggering breadth of storyboards, on-set photos and letters, this hefty visual and oral history traces Chaplin’s pursuit of beauty and how he captured it film by film.”

    — DailyMail.co.uk
  • «…Una oportunidad única para revisitar la obra del maestro del humor.»

    — El País Semanal, Madrid
  • “…an astounding piece of work, even by TASCHEN’s lofty standards.”

    — Empire Magazine, London
  • “El libro fundamental sobre la producción del genial Charlie Chaplin.”

    — Spend In, Madrid
  • “…a treasure trove of valuable Chaplin information not only for fans of the silent film star but also of the cinema.”

    — Lomography, Manilla
  • “…browsing The Charlie Chaplin Archives is more akin to wondering around a museum than reading a biography. It is an exercise in stargazing and fan worship taken to the extremes, with virtually every aspect of Chaplin’s career laid out to be picked over… Chaplin refused to describe his life story as a rags-to-riches tale. This covetable book might claim that title though, alchemically spinning the scraps of Chaplin ‘s working life into publishing gold.”

    — Sight & Sound, London
  • “…a stunning volume complete with 900 illuminating images, primary and supplemental interviews, and an oral history by the comic actor himself.”

    — The Washington Times, Washington DC
  • “…this handsome book conveys a true sense of a driven man and the way he shaped a nascent industry of the modern age.”

    — South China Morning Post, Hong Kong

Paul Duncan

“Un hombre increíblemente creativo, que trabaja usando la intuición en vez del análisis, que es sincero en lugar de sentimental, que se alza en defensa del hombre común, por amor auténtico y desinteresado, así como contra la pobreza, la tiranía y la mecanización del espíritu humano. Siempre me gustó Charlie Chaplin, pero haciendo este libro me enamoré de él”.
Paul Duncan
Illustración: Robert Nippoldt