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Stephen Wilkes

Day-to-night portraits of iconic locations around the world

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Stephen Wilkes

Discover the unique ebb and flow of man-made and natural landmarks like never before. In Day to Night, Stephen Wilkes presents 60 epic panoramas shot everywhere from Africa’s Serengeti to the Champs-Élysées in Paris, from the Grand Canyon to Coney Island, from Trafalgar Square to Red Square—each composition a labor of love as well as patience. He also showcases extraordinary details—works of art in their own right that highlight the stories contained within each image.

First available in an unlimited edition, the XXL book is also in two signed Art Editions, each with a signed print.

Day to Night has been a 10-year personal journey to capture fundamental elements of our world through the hourglass of a single day. It is a synthesis of art and science, an exploration of time, memory, and history through the 24-hour rhythms of our daily lives. In a world where humanity has become obsessively connected to personal devices, the ability to look profoundly and contemplatively is becoming an endangered human experience. Photographing a single place for up to 36 hours becomes a meditation. It has informed me in a unique way, inspiring deep insights into life’s narrative, and the fragile interaction of humanity within our natural and constructed world.” — Stephen Wilkes