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The Space Collection

The Space Collection

TASCHEN books take you on a journey through time and space


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July 20, 2019

50th anniversary of First Moon Landing

The Space Collection


From the awestruck eyes of ancient shepherds looking up at spangled skies to the implausibly distant vistas revealed by modern telescopes, humanity has searched for knowledge of what is out there and what gave birth to our speck of the cosmos. For thousands of years, stars have oriented the wanderer, sailor, and pilgrim; the Moon has captured our imagination with its luminous presence; and astronomers, physicists, and engineers have long wondered just what might occupy the farthest reaches of the universe.

TASCHEN books collaborate with the world’s leading scientists, writers, artists, and organizations to trace humanity’s ever-evolving understanding of space, and the effects its exploration has had on our planet. Across scientific feats, hair-raising historical accounts, and deep-space images, TASCHEN’s precise production standards and commitment to impeccable quality make for breathtaking books.

Recent highlights include Norman Mailer’s Moonfire, where landing on the Moon is the ultimate prize. Mailer’s defining account documents every stage of the Apollo 11 mission of 1969—one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century told by one of its most incisive storytellers. The six-decade history of the agency that undertook that epic journey is detailed in The NASA Archives, whose cover invites the reader to traverse a ghostly lunar landscape on the last day a human stepped foot on the Moon’s surface. But while winning the Space Race may have been NASA’s original aim, a spirit of international interstellar cooperation prevailed and has led to scientific discoveries from Mars to galaxies billions of miles away. No single instrument has been more critical to our understanding of deep space than the Hubble Space Telescope, whose stunning images are collected in Expanding Universe, and prove that the cosmos still has many mysteries to unlock.

Brimming with hundreds of images, expert texts, historical documents, and exclusive insights, TASCHEN’s books on space are a must-have for any library.

Top image: Courtesy NASA