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Say It With Books

Say It With Books

Travel and Design Inspiration for Valentine’s Day


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Say It With Books


The magnetism of places such as Mexico and Morocco, Bali and Tuscany is in no small part due to design. The history and culture embedded in the textures and tones of the architecture and in the details of interiors all add to the allure, inviting dreams of escapes and getaways.

Equal parts design inspiration and travel ideas, TASCHEN’s Living In collection unearths some of the most remarkable interiors around the world. Idyllic Balinese villas, ochre Provençal chateaus, vibrant Mexican cabanas: every home offers a glimpse of life elsewhere. Debuting in 2002 with a volume on Greece, the series has since evolved into a visual survey of stunning homes in exquisite locations, from Japan to the French Riviera.