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"kikan massara"


Kikan Massara

It was under the vast skies of Swedish Lapland that Kikan Massara was first exposed to the mysteries of life by her philosophical father. Steeped in mythology, literature, poetry, art and nature during her early years, she went on to study in the USA and pursue an interest in natural medicine in the UK. Tragedy struck in her early twenties when she was widowed with a newborn son. An unexpected international career in fashion opened up after posing for English Vogue. Her passionate study of our inner life did not cease during those high-flying years and she eventually gained a MA in Psychotherapy and Counselling. Kikan has lived, worked and parented in New York, London, Stockholm and The Hague, working now as a therapist, psychological coach and advanced EFT practitioner in Paris. Kikan’s passion today is to make the relationship with the inner world user-friendly.