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HR Giger

The future is here and it’s terrifying

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HR Giger

Humans and machines are woven into a cold embrace in the surrealist art of HR Giger. The mastermind behind the terrifying space monster of Ridley Scott’s Alien film franchise, Giger’s surrealist art encompasses a vast portfolio of dark images, both futuristic and gothic.

Born of the collective fear of the atom, pollution, waste, and our survival in a world where machines and alien creatures have fused together, Giger’s art forms a mythology for a nightmarish future. His work has been described as “biomechanical,” and includes sculpture, film art, album covers, interior design, and his fantastical drawings produced with an airbrush technique. Giger was strongly influenced by Dado, Ernst Fuchs and Salvador Dalí as well as the sculptor Stanislas Szukalski. He spent most of his life in Switzerland, where in Zurich he established his own museum, still directed by his widow Carmen Giger, and two bars sculptured straight out of one of his drawings and featuring his original furniture design. HR Giger art has also been translated into weapons, instruments, and decorative objects. The original published collection of the Swiss artist’s work, Necronomicon, was the catalyst for Ridley Scott to commission artwork and conceptual designs for Alien.

TASCHEN’s books on the artist capture his dark visions and are a homage to his life and art, providing the complete story of an imagination fascinated with death and destruction. Produced in collaboration with the HR Giger estate, the books also illuminate Giger’s alien art as the product of a realist engaged with the intricacies of science fiction and cyber punk. Giger’s work has had a massive influence on tattoo and fetish art internationally and his alien design has transformed the popular imagination of both our own futures and the existence of extraterrestrial life.