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Jop van Bennekom and Gert Jonkers

The Dutchmen Jop van Bennekom and Gert Jonkers are the editors, publishers, entrepreneurs and all-around media obsessives who’ve been at the helm of their inimitable publishing house for more than a decade. Both born forty-something years ago in the underpopulated Dutch province of Gelderland, they only met in the late ’90s, while working on a monthly magazine in Amsterdam. They founded BUTT in 2001 after a boozy work appointment in that city’s illustrious Spijker bar. By putting the sex back into homosexuality, BUTT shook up the world of gay publishing. Its popularity was sealed in 2006, when a digest of the first five years of the magazine, BUTT BOOK, was published by TASCHEN and became an absolute bestseller.
Jop and Gert broadened their focus to include dressing up as well as stripping off with their launch of ‘Men’s Style Journal’ FANTASTIC MAN in 2005. Defined by rare wit and a refusal to address its readers as mere consumers, FANTASTIC MAN has categorically turned the tide in fashion publishing with its fastidious long-form interviews, style anthropology and stark art direction. A sister publication, THE GENTLEWOMAN, was born in London in 2010, again to great critical acclaim.
Jop and Gert divide their time between their offices in Amsterdam and London.

Gert Jonkers

Journalist and editor Gert Jonkers is currently fashion editor for the Dutch daily newspaper De Volkskrant. He has also been a contributing writer for Esquire, Dutch, View on Colour, and Self Service. Gert Jonkers has an impressive track record of published celebrity interviews, including Marc Jacobs, Cher, Terry Richardson, the Sex Pistols, Michael Stipe, Mario Testino, Jeff Buckley, Willy Nelson, and 'Marky' Mark Wahlberg.