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Frans Lanting

Stunning wildlife photography

Frans Lanting. Eye to Eye (Limited Edition)

Frans Lanting.
Eye to Eye

US$ 700

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Frans Lanting

Anyone with the right camera equipment and gear can capture the beauty of the natural world, but it takes a photographer with a particular sensibility to create arresting images that communicate the intelligence in the environment and the complexities of our relationship with it. Frans Lanting’s photographs have been celebrated for their ability to show the life in animals, as well as plants and flowers, and geological landscapes. While he has recorded breathtaking pictures of nature’s favorites; cheetahs, elephants, penguins, and bonobo monkeys, some of his most famous photos, like the haunting Ghost Trees At Dawn, draw inspiration from the most simple offerings of the earth.

From Africa to Antarctica, the Amazonian jungle to the Australian desert, Dutch-born photographer Frans Lanting has documented wildlife for the past two decades. He has been hailed as one of the great nature photographers of our time and his photographs have been shown at major galleries and natural history museums all over the world, including at the Smithsonian. Lanting was born in Rotterdam and now lives in Santa Cruz, California where he operates a studio and gallery, as well as a stock photography service. His presentations for TED Talks have been watched millions of times and his photographs have appeared regularly in National Geographic magazine, where he held the prestigious role of photographer-in-residence.

TASCHEN’s books on Frans Lanting include among others the portfolio Eye to Eye, which surveys Lanting’s’ animal photography prints well as the LIFE publication, a book that charts not just the flora and fauna of planet earth but human life too, including microscopic photography of embryos and cell organisms. Be it water lilies or warthogs, the Galapagos Islands or Greenland, Frans Lanting’s photographs positions us in a relationship to nature that is breathtakingly, uncompromisingly close.