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Dian Hanson

Dian Hanson

Queen of Smut


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Ren Hang

Ren Hang Ren Hang Ren Hang Ren Hang

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Araki (Limited Edition)

Araki Araki Araki Araki

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June 11 - October 03, 2021

Araki. Frühwerk des japanischen Fotografen

Albertina, Vienna

Dian Hanson


Labeled the most cerebral pornographer in America, Dian Hanson reigns as the Queen of Sex. Hanson began her publishing career as a pornographic magazine editor, historian, and writer by helping to found the 1970s hardcore journal Puritan. She went on to work for men’s magazines Partner, OUI, Adult Cinema Review, Outlaw Biker, and Big Butt, but was most famously the editor of Juggs and Leg Show fetish magazines from 1987-2001. Since 2001 Dian Hanson has held the role of Sexy Book Editor at TASCHEN and oversees the production of all TASCHEN’s titillating titles. Her 60 plus publications for TASCHEN include The Art of Pin-up and Psychedelic Sex.

Hanson’s sex positive outlook has always informed her work - from her early magazine days to her current direction of TASCHEN’s erotic art series. Her experienced eye is able to discern the very best nude and erotic photography and she is also an accomplished writer, exploring the history of sexuality and human sexual psychology. Her TASCHEN Sexy Books include titles on the work of Naomi Harris, Terry Richardson, Vanessa del Rio, Robert Crumb, Gil Elvgren, Eric Stanton, Elmer Batters, Ed Fox, and Richard Kern, as well as her popular series on our obsession with sexual body parts: the large breast, penis and buttocks.

Hanson’s success lies in her understanding of human desire, in large part attributable to her career-long correspondence with readers, queer, straight, and questioning, and her ability to translate their fetishes and fantasies into images and text. Her gay art and photography titles include books on Bob Mizer’s Athletic Model Guild, George Quaintance, and Tom of Finland. Dian Hanson accepts and elevates all preferences, styling, selling and celebrating sex in all its fascinating forms.