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Hiroshige (Basic Art Series)

Hiroshige Hiroshige Hiroshige

US$ 15
Hundertwasser (Basic Art Series)

Hundertwasser Hundertwasser Hundertwasser

US$ 15
Klimt (Basic Art Series)

Klimt Klimt Klimt

US$ 15
Adolf Loos (Basic Art Series)

Adolf Loos Adolf Loos Adolf Loos

US$ 15
1000 Tattoos (Bibliotheca Universalis)

1000 Tattoos 1000 Tattoos 1000 Tattoos

US$ 20
Mid-Century Ads (Bibliotheca Universalis)

Mid-Century Ads Mid-Century Ads Mid-Century Ads

US$ 20

Hundertwasser Hundertwasser Hundertwasser

US$ 30
Yohji Yamamoto

Yohji Yamamoto Yohji Yamamoto Yohji Yamamoto

US$ 40
Edward Lear. The Parrots

Edward Lear. The Parrots Edward Lear. The Parrots Edward Lear. The Parrots

New edition, only US$ 40
Original edition US$ 99.99
NK Guy. Art of Burning Man

NK Guy. Art of Burning Man NK Guy. Art of Burning Man NK Guy. Art of Burning Man

New edition, only US$ 40
Original edition US$ 60
Vermeer. The Complete Works

Vermeer. The Complete Works Vermeer. The Complete Works Vermeer. The Complete Works

New edition, only US$ 40
Original edition US$ 150
Albert Oehlen

Albert Oehlen Albert Oehlen Albert Oehlen

US$ 70
Logo Modernism

Logo Modernism Logo Modernism Logo Modernism

US$ 80
Bettina Rheims (Limited Edition)

Bettina Rheims Bettina Rheims Bettina Rheims

US$ 700
Albert Oehlen (Limited Edition)

Albert Oehlen Albert Oehlen Albert Oehlen

US$ 1,500
Rousseau (Basic Art Series)

Rousseau Rousseau Rousseau

US$ 15
Coming soon
Pierre & Gilles (Limited Edition)

Pierre & Gilles Pierre & Gilles Pierre & Gilles

US$ 4,000
Sold out
Sold out
Peter Beard (Limited Edition)

Peter Beard Peter Beard Peter Beard

US$ 7,000
Sold out
Sold out


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June 13, 2020 - January 10, 2021

Detroit Style: Car Design in the Motor City, 1950-2020

Detroit Institute of the Arts


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Project Proposals

Our book projects are typically defined far in advance, meaning we are rarely able to accommodate additions to our upcoming editorial program. If you would nevertheless like to send us your proposal, please refer to our submission guidelines.
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Terms & Conditions Artworks

TASCHEN ships artworks globally. Listed prices for our artworks are exclusive of shipping, which will be quoted on an individual basis. Shipping rates are determined based on the artwork size, weight, and the originating and destination addresses.
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Hans Christian Adam

Hans Christian Adam studied psychology, art history and communication in Göttingen and Vienna. As a specialist in historical images, he has published numerous articles and books, including titles on travel and war photography. He is the author of TASCHEN’s Edward Sheriff Curtis: The North American Indian, Karl Blossfeldt, and Eugène Atget: Paris.

Ken Adam

Sir Ken Adam, born 1921 in Berlin, first trained as an architect before starting out in the movie industry as a draughtsman.  He progressed quickly to production design on several major films, including Ben-Hur. Known particularly for his semi-futuristic designs and use of modern technologies and materials, Adam has collaborated with such top-class movie directors as Michael Caine, Jacques Tourneur, Robert Aldrich and Stanley Kubrick.

Neal Adams

Legendary artist Neal Adams began his comics career drawing fillers for Archie Comics in 1960, but achieved acclaim with the “Ben Casey” syndicated newspaper strip. He came to DC in 1967, where his celebrated runs on Batman and the controversial Green Lantern/Green Arrow stories cemented his reputation. In 1972, he turned to advertising illustration as the co-founder of design studio Continuity Associates.

™ & © DC Comics.     (s12)

Adam Blackbourn

Adam Blackbourn has been a member of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s working family since 2006. In addition to his work as an artist and writer, he and his partner Ruei Ji run the Chinese-to-English translation studio Bacon Translations. He has collaborated on numerous publications about Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

Adrian Dannatt

Adrian Dannatt has been an actor, TV rock tour host, game-show contestant, filmmaker, artist, and curator. Editor-at-large of the New York literary journal Open City, he is also a contributing editor to Lacanian Ink and partner in the Paris-based movie distribution company Pretty Pictures. He has written for a wide variety of publications in Europe and America and for the last decade has been New York correspondent for The Art Newspaper. His books include US Holocaust Museum, Jan Worst, and Anthony Palliser.

Adam Lindemann

Adam Lindemann is a private investor and influential collector of contemporary art and design. In partnership with designer Marc Newson, he re-launched Ikepod, a Swiss watch design company. He also writes a monthly column on collecting for The New York Observer.

Adrian Moore

Adrian Moore was born in Toronto and raised in the United States by British parents. He has written articles about culinary trends for a variety of international publications and is currently Assistant Chef Concierge at Mandarin Oriental, Paris. This is his first book.

Adele Schlombs

Adele Schlombs studied Sinology, East Asian art history, European art history, and comparative religious studies at Cologne and Heidelberg Universities. From 1984 to 1987 she studied at Kyoto University and gained her doctorate in 1989 at Heidelberg University. In 1991, she took over the directorship of the Museum of East Asian Art in Cologne and since then she has organized numerous loan exhibitions of Japanese and Chinese art.