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The visual history of the world


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The World of Ornament

The World of Ornament The World of Ornament The World of Ornament The World of Ornament

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From the Archives

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October 07, 2020 - February 06, 2021

Maquillage et coiffure de l'époque Edo dans les estampes japonaises

Maison de la culture Japon, Paris
October 16, 2020 - January 17, 2021

Kisokaido, Hiroshige, Edo

Musée Cernuschi, Paris
November 15, 2020 - March 28, 2021

Queen Nefertari’s Egypt

Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth



Reading the classics is an essential part of any well-rounded education. Whereas this was once understood as the study of ancient Greek and Latin literature, today a classic book is also one that presents outstanding examples of visual culture. Pictorial masterpieces from the sciences and humanities can communicate the richness and complexities of the past - from Antiquity to Medieval, Renaissance, and more modern times. Drawings, etchings, sketches, engravings, diagrams and other optical devices tell us about the history of the world. For artists and art lovers, subjects as diverse as typography, biology, theology, and cartography, can come alive through antiquarian images that were delicately handcrafted, sometimes centuries ago.

TASCHEN’s collection of classic books offers full facsimiles of rare book titles and curated selections of exquisite pièces de résistance. High quality photographic reproductions of original color plates provide new access to fascinating and intriguing historical images including botanical studies, city maps, biblical illustrations, costume catalogues, human anatomy, and mathematical principles. TASCHEN classics come in stunning XL and XXL editions as well as in the portable and collectible Bibliotheca Universalis series. Introductions, commentary, and excerpts of original text give contextual information to these captivating exemplars of imagination and genius.

Some texts, like Albertus Seba’s Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, are complete reprints of esteemed yet difficult to obtain books and others, such as, Codices illustres - The world’s most famous illuminated manuscripts, are anthologies of a subject area - sure to become classics in their own right. Whatever your interests, - architecture, religion, or geography - these art books form a paragon of knowledge that everyone should read. So start designing your own collection of classics and make a scholar of yourself and a salon of your bookcase.