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Travel Books by The New York Times

Calling all globetrotters

Travel Books by The New York Times

Dreaming of Dakar? Pining for Paris? Or fancy a few nights in New Orleans? The world is waiting, and since you only have so much time to see it all, why not inject adventure into your every weekend? Since 2011 TASCHEN has transformed the popular New York Times “36 Hours” column into illustrated books which recognize that a journey does not have to be long to be memorable. Appreciative of everyone’s time constraints but equally aware of our increasing appetites for intrepid travel, these books balance natural wonders with cosmopolitan excess, pinpointing locations as diverse as Ho Chi Minh City, Buenos Aires, Seattle, and Palermo.

The NY Times “36 Hours” books canvas the globe. They have been categorized to cover labyrinthine international cities New York and Los Angeles, the West Coast, Southeast, Midwest & Great Lakes, and Southwest & Rocky Mountains regions of the USA & Canada, and the larger dominions of Europe, Asia & Oceania, and Latin America & The Caribbean. Edited by seasoned travel writer Barbara Ireland who commissioned and contributed many of the original New York Times “36 Hours” segments, this best-selling TASCHEN travel book collection is essential reading for on-the-go traveling or leisurely at-home browsing.

From the city to the countryside, the series’ beauty lies in its ability to help design the dream weekend trip, on any continent. Taking into account what can be reasonably and comfortably achieved in a 36-hour itinerary, the books explore destinations visually with photos and illustrations by Olimpia Zagnoli. Essential information, such as detailed maps, indexes, and restaurant and hotel recommendations make sure you’ll never miss a hot spot. No matter where around the world your journey takes you, be it Brisbane, Bucaramanga, or Buffalo, the NYT 36 Hours collection make the perfect traveling companion.