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Inflatable business

TASCHEN decides to pump up the action and move into inflatable business.

Marsupilami squeak toys (1) and blow-up animals hit bookstores by the thousands as TASCHEN sees a great future for non-books being sold in bookstores. After selling 200,000 inflatable gorillas (2), bookstores are tired of the idea and 100,000 more orphaned apes have to find new homes.

Hey, what’s cooking? Well, unfortunately not the Dinnerparty à la Perestroika Russian cookbook (3). Relief (4), a 3D photo book, helps relieve us from the pierogi misfortune, but then the flipbooks (5) flop.
Marsupilami squeak toys 1
An inflatable gorilla 2
Dinnerparty à la Perestroika Russian cookbook 3
Relief, a 3D photo book 4
A flipbook 5