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Bingo with Ingo

TASCHEN’s edition of Dalí (1) sports 1,000 misprints, according to editor Ingo F. Walther, who boldly claims he could do much better. So he is hired to edit the very first TASCHEN original publication and the first book in the Basic Art series, Picasso (2) (which has been translated into 25 languages and is still in print today). Ingo and Benedikt at the Frankfurt Book Fair, have an early and successful foray into non-book territory with the Build Your Own Skeleton cut-out book (3). Rolf Bürgel (4), the careful caretaker, takes care of Kölsch-beer.
Ingo F. Walther and Benedikt Taschen at the Frankfurt Book Fair. 3
Rolf Bürgel takes care of Kölsch-beer. 4
TASCHEN’s edition of Dalí 1
Picasso, the first book in the Basic Art series. 2