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GOAT — knockout!

We celebrate the U.S. premiere of Muhammad Ali tribute book GOAT at the historic site of Ali’s 1964 triumph over Sonny Liston (1, 2). Honoring the Champ are many of the book’s contributing authors and photographers, including principal photographers Howard Bingham and Neil Leifer, trainer Angelo Dundee, and Jeff Koons, who created the art piece included with the Champ’s Edition of the book. Another Italian heavyweight knockout: our XL Leonardo da Vinci (3).

Old Europe in Beverly Hills — TASCHEN opens its first US store (4) designed by Philippe Starck. The stunning interior features glossy walnut, cast bronze, purple mirrors, golden leather, and one-of-a-kind handmade glass walls. Albert Oehlen creates 20 computer-generated collages for the walls and ceiling, inspired by the wide selection of TASCHEN books, setting the shop apart from any other bookstore in history.
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