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The 60s story

New show at TASCHEN Gallery explores the makers and shapers of an iconic decade

Fidel Castro: Lee Lockwood
Bob Dylan: Daniel Kramer
LSD: Lawrence Schiller
A Tribute to Muhammad Ali: Howard L. Bingham, Carl Fischer, Neil Leifer, Marvin E. Newman, and Lawrence Schiller
Earl Newman: Beatnik Posters

June 29 – August 31, 2016

TASCHEN is pleased to announce the opening of TASCHEN’s Sixties, a group photography exhibition exploring the personalities and countercultural movements that helped shape this iconic era.

Drawing from recent and upcoming TASCHEN books on the period, the show is comprised of five capsule exhibits: the influential and polarizing figures Bob Dylan, Muhammad Ali, and Fidel Castro, as well as the headline-grabbing LSD phenomenon and the beatnik and psychedelic-influenced poster art that echoed the ethos of the counterculture. In total, the exhibition features seven top photographers from the realms of photojournalism, sports photography, and fine art, as well as print ephemera.

The main gallery opens with prints from Daniel Kramer’s celebrated portfolio of Bob Dylan, taken over the course of a year and a day starting in the summer of 1964. Through vast concert halls, intimate recording sessions, and the infamous transition to electric guitar, Kramer documented Bob’s “big bang” year, as the young folk singer changed music and the music industry, and transformed into the poet laureate of a generation. This collection is presented in collaboration with The Fahey/Klein Gallery, and was made possible with the support of The Grammy Museum.

An icon of the 20th century as much of the 1960s, Muhammad Ali was a champion in and out of the ring. The exhibition's Ali retrospective features photographs by Howard L. Bingham, Carl Fischer, Neil Leifer, Marvin E. Newman, and Lawrence Schiller and pays tribute to the Champ’s exceptional life, inspiration, and legacy. The collection includes Neil Leifer’s famed ringside shot of the triumphant boxer towering over a fallen Sonny Liston, as well as a life-size edition of Carl Fischer’s radical portrait of Ali as Saint Sebastian, exclusive to TASCHEN.

Amid the heated political developments of the 1960s, no American photographer covered Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution like Lee Lockwood. As U.S.–Cuba relations once again take center stage, vintage prints from the Lockwood archive offers an intimate portrait of the Cuban leader and an historical moment that continues to shape our perception of a nation and its people.

A deep-dive into the 1960s would be incomplete without a little acid. From a rap session with Timothy Leary in San Francisco to anonymous trippers near Fairfax Boulevard’s “capsule corner” and the Pranksters’ infamous Acid Test in Hollywood, Lawrence Schiller’s photographs capture the full vibrational force of the psychedelia generation. After decades of visual communication dominated by photography, the 1960s saw a surge in beatnik and psychedelic influenced poster art. Works from leading poster artist Earl Newman, who worked from his base in Venice Beach, as well later masters including Rick Griffin, Victor Moscoso, and Stanley Mouse are on view and provide a vivid document of the graphic landscape that accompanied the transformative 1960s.

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