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On her Majesty’s Expert Knowledge

The ultimate test in James Bond trivia

Know your Goldfinger from your Goldeneye? A specialist in all things secret agent? As we celebrate the new edition of The James Bond Archives, test your 007 expertise with our exclusive James Bond quiz.

Please note: This competition is now closed, but feel free to test your Bond knowledge all the same! Struggling for some of the answers...you know which expert tome to turn to!

And if you’re stumped on some of the questions? You know where to turn! Our ultimate behind-the-scenes record explores the making of every single Bond film, with archival gems including on-set photos, unseen stills, set designs, storyboards, and production memos.

1. Fleming’s physical description of James Bond was precise. What weight did (in lb) did he assign to his special agent?

2. Who said “Even now, when I meet him, he asks for a Swiss Kiss”, and who were they referring to?

3. In a dramatically lit scene in From Russia with Love, we see Bond and Kerim Bey waiting for Krilencu. What contemporary movie poster do we see in the background?

4. The third draft of the screenplay for Goldfinger featured a quote from whom on the title page?

5. Who doubled for Domino (Claudine Auger) in the underwater sequences in Thunderball?

6. The script for Diamonds are Forever describes a certain character as a “bountifully endowed
casino hang-arounder”. Which character does it refer to?

7. During filming of You Only Live Twice, Blofeld’s cat went missing after one take. EON ordered a “second standby cat” from Zoo-Rama Ltd. What was the cat’s fee per day?

8. Who did genius set designer Ken Adam collaborate with for the space station in Moonraker?

9. Sanchez’s villa in Licence to Kill was the real-life home of which Broccoli family acquaintance?

10. The name Goldeneye had two personal associations for Ian Fleming. What were they?

11. What debuts as Bond’s sidearm in Pierce Brosnan’s second Bond outing, Tomorrow Never Dies?

12. In front of what painting do Ben Whishaw’s Q and Daniel Craig’s Bond meet for the first time?

BONUS QUESTION: How many people and how many months were required to make costumes and design and craft masks for the opening Day of the Dead sequence in Spectre?