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Comfort food from Florence

Annie Féolde opens up her fridge and shares a favorite simple recipe

The first female chef to obtain three Michelin stars outside of France, Annie Féolde originally came to Italy to improve her language skills, and found work in a little restaurant. She met her sommelier future husband Giorgio when he worked at a restaurant called Buca Lapi where, as was normally done in wine bars, he was serving wine without any accompanying food. Féolde started complimenting his wine choices with appetizers, then added a buffet, pasta, meat, all the while improving the quality of the products, and her technique. After much trial and error, word got out, and the Enoteca Pinchiorri started to draw the ultimate accolades from all the top local and international publications as well as a well-heeled clientele looking for very high level cooking in Florence.

Féolde eats most days at her restaurant but there are always a few staples in her fridge. The upper shelves have ham and mozzarella, mayonnaise and tom yum paste, anchovies, caviar, and anchovy cream, which she uses to make simple salad dressings. On the main shelf, white beans soak in preparation for Féolde’s simple and wholesome staple: Tuscan Beans.