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From rock ’n’ roll legends to fetish pioneers, the new TASCHEN Gallery celebrates artists who have defined, and defied, a generation

Our big book productions can take years from start to finish; it’s like a major documentary, often with ten or more people working on the project. During the process we work through all major and unknown archives on a subject. It might sound slightly hyperbolic, but this kind of investigative work is rarely accomplished, even for museum shows. With the groundwork done, the TASCHEN Gallery offers a new platform for this extensive research. From high culture to counterculture, our exhibitions will be based on our publishing program.

The gallery launched in December 2014 with “IT’S JUST A SHOT AWAY: THE ROLLING STONES. IN PHOTOGRAPHS.” The show brings together approximately 100 pictures that also feature in TASCHEN’s Rolling Stones Collector’s Edition, including the work of such photographer greats as Anton Corbijn, Terry Richardson, Albert Watson, Guy Webster, and the legendary David Bailey.

The images trace the Stones’ starry path from blues-obsessed new kids on the block to world-famous rockers entering their '70s. We watch them growing up, getting famous, and developing both as individuals and as a band. All along the way, the show celebrates the Stones not only as musical pioneers but also as defining image makers. In the words of Benedikt Taschen, “There simply is no other rock band on the planet as photogenic as the Rolling Stones. Their impact on our visual culture, fashion and both low and high society has been unprecedented.”

Most displayed works in the TASCHEN Gallery will be available for purchase, please contact us at