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The #TASCHENPodcast

The UN Climate Report, Rem Koolhaas’s Elements of Architecture, and Jean-Michel Basquiat

For many years, TASCHEN has published the work of artists and thinkers who raise awareness around environmental issues and champion sustainable interaction with our planet. This month, in response to the latest UN climate report, we’re joined by TASCHEN author Tim Radford who discusses what this report means, what we need to do to stabilize the Earth’s temperature, and where we might find sources of hope amid bleak prospects.

Next up, Rem Koolhaas and designer Irma Boom discuss the future of our built environment and their new book, Elements of Architecture. From shape-shifting façades to the history of the toilet, they describe the essential elements that make up every building and the six-year process behind their architectural encyclopedia.

Finally, we wrap up with some of the finest art of the 20th century as TASCHEN editor Hans Werner Holzwarth explores Jean-Michel Basquiat’s narratives of finding and searching, and his heritage and heroes.