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Matters of Life and Death

The #TASCHENpodcast on Crazy Competitions, A Thousand and One Nights, and King Tut: The Journey through the Underworld

From Japan’s annual penis festival to Ancient Egyptian burial rites, this episode of the TASCHEN podcast explores some of humanity’s most intricate—and eccentric—traditions and rituals from cradle to grave. First up, graphic designer Nigel Holmes talks us through the outlandish contests and events that make up his hilarious new book, Crazy Competitions. Next, TASCHEN Editor Noel Daniel recounts the rich cultural fabric of A Thousand and One Nights and how she discovered Kay Nielsen’s exquisite illustrations to these ancient folktales. Finally, Egyptologist Salima Ikram discusses the importance of death and mummification in Ancient Egypt before Sandro Vannini explains how he photographed the murals, tombs, and artifacts surrounding King Tutankhamun’s journey into the afterlife.