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Night Falls on the Berlin of the Roaring Twenties

Robert Nippoldt’s city tribute

Watch the exclusive trailer for Robert Nippoldt’s Night Falls on the Berlin of the Roaring Twenties, a city tour that sets the clock back to another more swinging time.

From Marlene Dietrich lighting up a cigarette in top hat, tuxedo, and come-to-bed eyes, to the incomparable Josephine Baker in her banana skirt, from the bright lights and backstage whispers to looming factories and theoretical physics: discover the people, places, and ideas that embodied the fast-moving, rip-roaring capital.

This uniquely evocative book brings together Nippoldt’s illustrations, descriptive texts by Boris Pofalla, and a CD of rare original recordings in one vivid portrait of an effervescent metropolis in a transformative decade.

Animation: Christine Nippoldt
Illustration and drawings: Robert Nippoldt
Speaker: Dirk Reinhardt
Sound: Münsterland Studios
Music: „Am Amazonas“ (Music: Eduard Kuenneke, Text: Max Bertuch, Kurt Schwabach, GEMA-Werk-Nr.: 939768, Publisher: SMV Schacht Musikverlag GmbH & Co.KG )