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Berlin in the 1920s

The #TASCHENpodcast

Celebrating Night Falls on the Berlin of the Roaring Twenties, this bumper special of the #TASCHENpodcast dives deep into the fast-moving, free-wheeling libertine world of 1920s Berlin, featuring some of the leading experts on this heady era as well as gorgeous original 1920s musical recordings.

First up, Nikko Weidemann, Musical Director of the acclaimed new series Babylon Berlin introduces us to the daring music of the age and explores why this brief, feverish window in German history continues to enthrall. “Just imagine”, says Weidemann, “if the Nazis hadn’t come to power.”

Next up, we foxtrot over to the home of dance and music expert Stephan Wuthe for a fascinating discussion on 1920s Berlin and the making of the book Night Falls on the Berlin of the Roaring Twenties with illustrator Robert Nippoldt, author Boris Pofalla, editor Florian Kobler, and Weimar-era curators Annelie Lütgens and Lucy Wasensteiner. Complete with original shellac recordings of 1920s music, our experts discuss the thrill and the foreboding of this remarkably intense period, suspended between two world wars, incandescent with joie-de-vivre and gender-bending liberties, even as the shadow of encroaching National Socialism loomed ever larger and darker.

From Alexanderplatz to Ku’damm, cabaret raunch to Weimar cabinet chaos, from Josephine Baker in her banana skirt to Christopher Isherwood on the S-Bahn, come tune in and wander through the wonders of 1920s Berlin.