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Superhero Carnival

The #TASCHENpodcast featuring Beatriz Milhazes, Albert Watson, and Marvel’s Roy Thomas

The #TASCHENpodcast brings you a healthy dose of sunshine, color, and nature this month, as Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes calls in from her Rio Studio to discuss life, art, and the inspirations of her native Brazil. As she prepares for the release of a major TASCHEN monograph, the renowned artist discusses the learnings of different media, the inspirations of the carnival and the ocean, and what it’s been like to revisit some of her earliest works.

Next up, legendary photographer Albert Watson shares the experiences behind his dazzling new portfolio, KAOS. From a shoot with Beyoncé to assignments in Benin for the Bill Gates Foundation, Watson discusses the whirlwind nature of his life on the road and the combination of cinematic and graphic design elements that remain aesthetic anchors.

Finally, former Marvel editor Roy Thomas reflects on the stories, characters, and creative visionaries behind the “Marvel Age of Comics”, the triumphant era of comic book innovation which reinvigorated comics from their post-war lethargy, redefined the super-hero genre and gave birth to such household characters as Hulk and Spider-Man.