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Aliens and Adventures

The #TASCHENpodcast featuring David Bowie, Elmer Batters, Eric Stanton, and Japan’s Kisokaido Road

Nicolas Roeg’s 1976 The Man Who Fell to Earth stunned the cinema world. A triumph science fiction as art form, it brought hallucinatory visuals, a haunting exploration of contemporary alienation, and an ethereal David Bowie in the lead role. With the release of a new book of stills and behind-the-scenes photos from the movie, we talk to Editor Paul Duncan, the film’s unit photographer David James, and leading Bowie biographer Nicholas Pegg about the making of this cinematic tour-de-force and Bowie's incredible performance as paranoid alien Newton.

From extra-terrestial voyagers to a journey through imperial age Japan, we follow the historic Kisokaido route from Edo to Kyoto, as recorded by Eisen and Hiroshige in their remarkable woodblock series The Sixty-Nine Stations along the Kisokaido. Japanese art experts Andreas Marks and Rhiannon Paget tell us why this route was so important to Edo Japan, and how Eisen and Hiroshige evoked its dramatic landscapes, masterful impressions of light and season, as well as candid scenes of everyday life.

Finally, Sexy Book Editor Dian Hanson explores the pioneering fetish art of Elmer Batters and Eric Stanton, as a new show at TASCHEN Store Berlin showcases Batters’ fetish for leg, feet and toes and Stanton’s fantasies of strong, dominant women.