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Christo presents his Floating Piers

Benedikt and Marlene Taschen welcome Christo in Basel

The Reception at Fondation Beyeler, Basel.
The Reception at Fondation Beyeler, Basel.
On June 14th, 2017, Benedikt and Marlene Taschen received Christo at the Fondation Beyeler in Basel to present the Collector’s and Art Editions of The Floating Piers.

Christo was very cheerful, accompanied by his “working family,” as he likes to say: his nephew and Operations Director Vladimir Yavachev, photographer Wolfgang Volz, art historian and critic Germano Celant, Josy and Gabriel Kraft, CEO of The Floating Piers Srl Marcella Ferrari, Jonita and Vince Davenport, artists Adam Blackbourn and Lorenza Giovanelli, as well as owners of the San Paolo Island Umberta and Franco Gussalli Beretta, Paola Pezzotti, Mayor of Sulzano, and Fiorello Turla, Mayor of Monte Isola.

We also welcomed numerous guests to celebrate Christo’s work; collectors like Australian philanthropist John Kaldor, members of the press, and direct sales and store clients who had come from far and near. Visitors were given the first opportunity to purchase these special editions of The Floating Piers which, like the ephemeral work itself, won’t be around for long.

Hosts and guests alike were all thrilled to be able to officially present and celebrate The Floating Piers in such a stunning setting.

© all photos: Eduard Meltzer / TASCHEN