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National Geographic

With a distinctive cover featuring a thick yellow border and an impressive photograph of dynamic properties, National Geographic magazine has delivered knowledge to homes, classrooms, and libraries for over 125 years. The publication is noted for both its prestige and accessibility, as well as its storytelling powers; weaving together geography, history, and world culture into inspirational articles. While the monthly print editions with their maps and various supplements are the main product of the National Geographic Society, today the group also airs a dedicated channel Nat Geo Wild and recently produced the climate change documentary Before The Flood.

In a series of XXL and XL titles, TASCHEN has delved deep into the National Geographic archives to produce books that collect the very best of the magazine’s photos, stories, and information. The books cover a survey of The United States of America, a grand Around the World tour, and an anthology of the publisher’s groundbreaking infographics. Sleuthing through back issues and previously unpublished material, TASCHEN books cover all the travel, wildlife, and science that we have come to expect from National Geographic.

During the course of their publishing history the magazine’s photojournalism has evolved alongside technology, moving from black-and-white pictures to autochromes, Kodachromes to digital images. While the format has changed, the quality of Nat Geo’s photojournalism remains unparalleled. Indeed, National Geographic practically invented the photo essay. Whether craters on Mars, new species of frog, or the daily routines of a remote society, National Geographic’s content encourages curiosity and empathy. Over generations, they have raised readers who are as much travelers and explorers as knowledge-hunters, setting off on expeditions around the globe, and charting the political, social, and environmental concerns of our world.