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Design for the Domestic


Ornamentation and decor are some of the oldest forms of expression. The interiors of our homes, public buildings, and work places mould our behavior and mood; our very happiness and wellbeing. In the past, status, creativity, and individuality were often demonstrated through the interior design of architectural space; Kings and Queens, artisans, or different religious and ethnic groups, embellished their houses and halls to deliver diverse messages. In the mid-to-late 19th century, interior design services expanded greatly, as the growing middle class in industrial yearned to display their new found wealth. While the importance of interiors has grown dramatically over the 20th century, the decoration of space has always been a significant task; whether the requirement be comfort, utility, or transcendence.

Interior design involves careful consideration of space, surface, texture, light, and color. After consultations with architects, professional interior stylists offer advice on paint, furniture, upholstery, and textiles and provide examples for refurbishing any space: be it bedroom, bathroom, living, or kitchen. As the desire for contemporary houses with personality and style has grown, so too has the proliferation of courses and degrees in the new art and science of interior design.

TASCHEN’s comprehensive catalogue of books on interiors span from historical oriental art through to the sleek minimalism of contemporary Scandinavian design. Book titles investigate decades of decorating, as in the Domus Magazine anthologies from the 40s, 50s, and 60s, or the aesthetics of specific getaway destinations around the world. With luscious photography TASCHEN interior books hold the best ideas for refreshing any room - regardless of whether you’re on a DIY budget for your own apartment or furnishing a luxury hotel. Sometimes dismissed as a frivolous activity, interior design is rather an essential tool of modern living; it can craft our experience of space and communicate identity through the construction of unique environments.