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Heavy with history and dripping in centuries of culture, Europe is both a continent of diverse geographies and people and an idea: a sensibility, a style, a way of being and living.
From the birthplace of Western civilization and democracy in ancient Greece to the Roman Empire’s legacy to the current European Union and contemporary states, Europe is a thousand different stories and images. With its famed architecture, and even more famous art, bustling capital cities, and iconic fashion, Europe is truly a great continent and an essential travel destination.

Some of the most significant art movements have their origins in Europe with Impressionism, Cubism, and Surrealism emerging in cities like Paris during the 20th century. In Germany, artistic collectives like the Blaue Reiter and the Bauhaus made their mark both before and after the First World War, an event that in many ways mobilized but also squashed artistic expression of all types. Borders have shifted and powers waxed and waned, but Europe’s great allure remains the same. If you can’t partake in a grand tour of your own, then TASCHEN’s decadent art books will help you discover the spirit of Europe.

TASCHEN books on Europe include history titles, beautiful map collections as well as art, architecture, and design books that unpack the rich decorative trappings of Europe in delicious high-quality photography. The TASCHEN library also includes numerous books on European artists whose work ruptured and revolutionized the course of art history, from Dürer to Degas, old masters to modern art. To truly experience Europe though, traveling there is a must and with numerous Great Escapes titles and tourist tips from The New York Times travel columns, TASCHEN will transport you to Europe in no time.