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Darren Almond

Nocturnal landscapes, captured by the light of the full moon

Darren Almond

Moonlight, digital clocks, and prayer flags; the work of contemporary artist Darren Almond revolves around questions of time and place. Born in England, Almond’s conceptual practice blends photography, film and sculpture to address themes of personal memory, cultural history and temporal movement. His major solo exhibitions include shows at the ICA and the Tate Britain in London, Kunsthalle Zürich, K21 Düsseldorf, Museum Folkwang Essen, SITE Santa Fe, and Art Tower Mito in Japan. Almond was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 2005 and is represented by Whitecube.

Almond’s artworks explore duration and temporality, often drawing attention to processes of labour, where the personal and political intermingle. In Tide, a wall lined with a multitude of clocks examined the relentless nature of mechanized urban work places, where workers are required to ‘clock in and out.’ In Bearing Almond tracked a sulphur miner in Indonesia during the laborer’s grueling daily journeys from the mouth of a crater to the weighing station. Across diverse geographical locations, his artworks ask viewers to stop and consider the passage of time and how we choose or are forced to spend it.

Darren Almond’s ongoing moon light project involves landscape photographs taken during a full moon with a long exposure time of 15 minutes or more. Resulting in ghostly, other-worldly images, Almond’s moon photos capture the strange and mesmerizing movement of time, almost visible but not quite materialized, in the form of light. TASCHEN Books has collected the very best of these lunar portraits in an elegant book with different editions, Fullmoon. As night passes to day at the time known as civil dawn, the luminous light that is recorded by the camera alludes to the experience of time, an experience so uniquely personal and difficult to define, that its expression in this book makes it all the more rare.