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Barbara Ireland

Editor of TASCHEN’s series of travel books in collaboration with The New York Times

Barbara Ireland

Barbara Ireland is a seasoned travel writer and editor based in western New York State. She is a former deputy travel editor and deputy Op-Ed page editor at The New York Times, a graduate of Cornell University, and was a John S. Knight journalism fellow at Stanford University. While on the New York Times staff, she commissioned and edited many of the 36 Hours travel columns, a popular series of articles that advises travelers on how to make the most out of a weekend holiday.

Ireland is an experienced yet ever inquisitive travel writer, who, even after seven years of editing articles in the Travel and Escapes sections of The Times, and decades of her own journeys, still yearns to see more. She has a mental list of hundreds of places that she’s visited vicariously and still wants to see for real. She often says to other writers, “You made me want to go there!”. Still, Ireland has canvassed much of the globe. She has travelled across the US in a converted SVU, explored Provence through the eyes of Cézanne, and knows how to maximize a day and half out of Tokyo.

Together with TASCHEN Ireland has transformed the 36 Hours column into an exquisite book series with photos and illustrations by Olimpia Zagnoli. The publications adapt the Times format focusing on specific destinations, as well as expanding to cover larger regions in an individual title. Ireland’s publications collate maps, restaurant and hotel listings, local knowledge, and itinerary plans to provide entertaining and essential guides to traveling when time defines the limits of your budget.