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Robert Crumb. Sketchbook Vol. 1. 1964–1968

Hardcover, 8.1 x 10.6 in., 3.22 lb, 440 pages
US$ 50
The cartoonist in chief to American counterculture, Robert Crumb has been busy offering up psychedelia, satire, and outlandish, sexually obsessed characters since the 1960s. This new collection presents a compact, affordable Crumb-feast, sourced by the artist from his original sketchbooks and focused on his mid-1960s golden age.

Customer reviews (5)

A Whole Lot of Crumb

Mid-1960s dispatches from America’s most controversial cartoonist
It’s the old story. When TASCHEN released the first limited edition of Crumb Sketchbooks 1982–2011, fans drooled over the gorgeous packaging of this six-volume boxed set, the artist’s thoughtful editing, the hand-written introduction, marbleized page edges, and signed Crumb-colored art print. Not all, however, could afford the steep price. So they whined and coveted, with the wail growing louder when the second boxed set, 1964–1982, was released the next year.

Covet no more. Robert Crumb. Sketchbook, Vol. 1: June 1964 – Sept. 1968 combines the two earliest volumes from the limited editions, produced directly from the original artworks now belonging to an ardent French collector, into one fat 440-page Crumb feast, selling for an irresistible price.

This book contains hundreds of sketches, including early color drawings from the master of underground comic art, cover roughs for the legendary Zap and Head comics, the original Keep On Truckin’ sketches, the first appearance of Mr. Natural, plus his evolution and refinement, Fritz The Cat, the Old Pooperoo, and many, many voluptuous Crumb girls, all wrapped up in a quality hard cover featuring an illustration newly hand-colored by Crumb himself.
The artist

Robert Crumb first found fame with Zap comics in 1968. Subsequent comics include Snatch, Big Ass, Despair, Weirdo and Hup. He starred in the Oscar nominated 1994 film Crumb, and has produced many books, including TASCHEN’s Sex Obsessions.

The editor

Dian Hanson produced a variety of men’s magazines from 1976 to 2001, including Juggs, Outlaw Biker, and Leg Show, before becoming TASCHEN’s Sexy Book Editor. Her titles include the “body part” series, The Art of Pin-up, Masterpieces of Fantasy Art, and Ren Hang.

Robert Crumb. Sketchbook Vol. 1. 1964–1968
Hardcover, 8.1 x 10.6 in., 3.22 lb, 440 pages

Customer reviews (5)

Amazing Artist and Book

MAD, November 01, 2021
The Robert Crumb Sketchbook amazes by the richness of its content, which in turn reveals quite a lot about the thoughts and feelings of the supremely talented artist behind this content.


Nick, October 31, 2021
Enjoy this treasure.


Dave, October 27, 2021
Nicely produced, excellent value series that does justice to R Crumb's draughtsmanship and doesn't sugarcoat his sometimes dubious imagination.

Robert Crumb

Stefan, October 27, 2021
Freue mich schon auf den nächsten Band.

Crumb Klasse für kleine Kasse

Peter, October 27, 2021
Sehr schön verarbeitetes Buch. Die Zeichnungen, Skizzen von Crumb sind extraklasse - einfach Crumb. Für Crumb Liebhaber ein schönes Buch zu einem noch schöneren Preis.
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