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All the way to her toes - The grand master of beauty below the knee

All the way to her toes

The grand master of beauty below the knee

Elmer Batters. From the tip of the toes to the top of the hose

New edition, only US$ 17.99
Original edition US$ 29.99
Multilingual Edition:
English, French, German
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Elmer Batters (1919-1997) was the grand master of leg and foot art. While others preferred the thrill of an inviting cleavage, the maestro’s eye was on lower things—trim calves, the arch of a foot, the well-made lines of toes and heels. He chose his models with these criteria in mind—and with the obsessiveness of a Zen artist spent his lifetime looking for the perfect leg. Batters started out publishing his photos himself, but from the late ’60s onwards the field was his, and he was the star house photographer of magazines such as Leg-O-Rama, Nylon Doubletake and Black Silk Stockings, to name but a few. This book pays homage to Batters’s great obsession with legs, feet, and toes. 

This edition’s special Panic Cover is reversible to a realistic-looking academic book to keep the real contents hidden from your annoying boss or even help you impress an attractive onlooker!!!
  • "A perfect stocking filler for all those men who love, well, perfectly-filled stockings."

    — Esquire, London
  • “[The images] are really great because all of the pictures follow one interest, one purpose which is feet, so it really is like form follows function.”

    — Wolfgang Tillmans talking in Arena Homme +, London