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Sin on the steps of the Sacré Coeur

Roy Stuart. The Fourth Body

US$ 39.99
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Roy Stuart has been at it again, traipsing around Paris from luxury apartments to the streets, capturing men and women defiantly acting out their sexual fantasies. From peek-a-boo panties to same-sex petting to more "indiscreet" activities, Stuart`s titillating mises-en-scene challenge us to break loose from traditional moral codes. Featuring not only young, perky-bodied women but also females of a certain age, these images are more hardcore and more daring than anything Stuart has ever produced. Also included are a rare interview with Stuart and images from his first feature film, giving a taste of what Stuart`s future offerings will bring us, as he plans to add filmmaking to his list of artistic erotic accomplishments. And look for Roy Stuart V in bookstores in spring, 2007.
  • "'Art porn' almost universally fails to be either aesthetically satisfying or a turn-on - but Roy Stuart, whose fourth and allegedly final volume of work is published by TASCHEN this month, bestrides both camps like an obscene and beguiling colossus, truly earning the title undisputed master of the genre."

    — Arena, London